Quick Mats

Making the Beach Sand Free

Sun, Surf and no more Sand!

Designed utilising multi weave technology, the Quicksand Mat is designed for beach use.

Sand falls straight through the Quicksand Mat and doesn’t come back up.

The patented multi weave layers trap the sand underneath the mat ensuring a sand free day at the beach.

The Quicksand Mat uses a soft meshing and comes in a range of four colours – baby blue, lime, ruby red and turquoise.

Perfectly sized for the beach in three sizes:

  • 1 metre x 2 metres (3ft 4in x 6ft 6in).
  • 1.55 metres x 2 metres (5ft 1in x 6ft 6in).
  • 2 metres x 2 metres (6ft 6in x 6ft 6in).